Endurance has the cover to make sure you get the most from your belt.

Endurance belting cover compound options meet or exceed the most recognized international standards. So whether you are looking at a cover for highly abrasive material, the safety of flame resistance or the durability in high heat and oil resistance Endurance has the cover to make sure you get the most from your belt.

Standard CompoundsMax Abrasion DIN 53518Abrasion ResistanceCut & Gouge ResistanceOperating Temperature RangeTensile Strength - MpaDensity 1mm kg/m2Characteristics
RMA 2Not SpecifiedFairGood -30°C to +80°C151.15General service abrasion
DIN Z250FairGood -30°C to +80°C141.20Moderate Abrasion
ARPM Grade II175Good Good -30°C to +80°C141.15Increased service abrasion
Endurance D1150Very GoodVery Good -30°C to +80°C151.15Increased service abrasion
RMA 1 Not SpecifiedGood Very Good -40°C to +80°C171.15Increased cut and gouge
ARPM Grade I125Very GoodVery Good -40°C to +80°C171.15Increased cut and gouge
Endurance D2120Excellent Very Good -40°C to +80°C171.15Increased abrasion, cut and gouge
DIN Y150Very GoodExcellent -40°C to +80°C201.13Increased abrasion, cut and gouge
Endurance D3110Excellent Excellent -40°C to +80°C201.13Abrasion cut and gouge to 8"
DIN X120Excellent Superior-45°C to +70°C241.10Super cut and gouge over 12"
Endurance D5100Excellent Superior-45°C to +70°C241.10Extreme cut and gouge over 12"
Endurance D5X120Excellent Ultimate -40°C to +150°C241.10Ultimate cut and gouge
DIN W90SuperiorVery Good-45°C to +70°C181.12Outstanding abrasion
Endurance D680SuperiorExcellent -45°C to +70°C81.12Outstanding abrasion to 12"
Endurance D750Ultimate Very Good-45°C to +70°C221.10Ultimate abrasion to 12"
Endurance LRRNANANA-45°C to +70°C181.12Low rolling resistance back cover
Endurance ED690SuperiorExcellent -45°C to +70°C181.12Abrasion and acid resistance
DIN R150Very GoodExcellent -60°C to +60°C1.11Extra low temp operating
Endurance UV150Very GoodVery Good -45°C to +125°C1.13Superior ozone resistance
Endurance UVX175Good Fair-60°C to +160°C1.07Ultimate ozone resistance
CompoundsStandardsCoverageSmall Scale Flame iSo 340Static iSo 284Drum Friction EN 1554PropagationDensity 1mm kg/m2Characteristics
JKDIN K/SInternationalYesYesNoNo1.27Above ground, hard rock underground except coal or phosphate
JADIN-EN 14973 Class - AInternationalYesYesYesYes1.28General use, only hazard being limited access and means of escape
JB1DIN-EN 14973 Class - B1InternationalYesYesYesYes1.30As class A plus potentially flammable atmosphere. No secondary devices
JB2DIN-EN 14973 Class -B2InternationalYesYesYesYes1.30As class A plus potentially flammable atmosphere. No secondary devices
JC1ISO 14973 -C1InternationalYesYesYesNo1.50As class B1 plus combustible dust or material conveyed. No secondary devices
JC2ISO 14973 -C2InternationalYesYesYesYes1.50As class B1 plus combustible dust or material conveyed and additional fuel sources. With secondary devices
JCCCSA - CCanadaYesYesYesNo1.30Above ground, hard rock underground
JCBCSA - BCanadaYesYesYesYes1.35Underground for hard rock and salt
JCACSA - A2CanadaYesYesYesYes1.50Explosive environment
JMCMShA -14USANoNoNoYes1.30Explosive environment
JMAMShA - 18 (2G)USANoNoNoYes1.27Above ground, hard rock underground
JGMDIN K + MORInternationalYesYesNoNo1.27Grain service, wheat, barley
JGSDIN K + SORInternationalYesYesNoNo1.27Grain service, soya bean, canola
JGFDIN K + SOR + heatInternationalYesYesNoNo1.27Petroleum coke with elevated heat
JTADIN K + TEAInternationalYesYesNoNo1.25Flame and heat to 130°C
JTDDIN K + TEDInternationalYesYesNoNo1.25Flame and heat to 130°C
CompoundsElastomerMaterial Temp. °FMaterial Temp. °CSurface Temp. °FSurface Temp. °CElevator Service °FElevator Service °CDensity 1mm kg/m2Characteristic
TEASBRLump Max300°150°250°120°175°80°1.13Medium heat and abrasion
Fines Max250°120°200°90°175°80°Light surface cracking can appear
TEBChlorobutylLump Max350°175°300°150°260°130°1.17High heat, strong splices
Fines Max300°150°240°120°260°130°
TECEPRLump Max450°230°400°200°300°150°1.07Extreme heat, good abrasion
Fines Max400°200°320°160°300°150°
TEDEDPMLump Max450°230400°200°300°150°
Fines Max400°200°375°180°------
TEG*HNBRLump Max300°150°250°120°------1.18Heat and Oil resistance
Fines Max250°120°200°90°------ Oil must be present
CompoundElastomerMin. Temp. °FMin. Temp. °CDensity 1mm kg/m2Characteristic
GLSBR / NBR-40°-40°1.18LOR - Light Oil resistance
GMFSBR / NBR-40°-40°1.18MOR-LT - Moderate Oil resistance, low temp
GMSBR / NBR-22°-30°1.18MOR - Medium oil resistance - Industrial
GNBR-14°-10°1.18SOR - Severe Oil resistance
GRFNBR-76°-60°1.17Extreme Low temp, oil sands compound

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