Self Tracking Belting

For the specialty material handling applications

  • Aggregate Handling
  • Cement Plants
  • Coal Handling
  • Hard Rock Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Steel Production
  • Concave Curved Systems
  • High Troughing Situations
  • Reversing Systems
  • Self tracking on troughed systems
  • Excellent for tracking reversing systems
  • Deep troughability
  • Resists lifting on concave curve systems

ENDURASTABLE is available in textile (EP) or steel cord (ST) belting. It has unique panels of breakers positioned in the top and bottom covers to match the size of the center carrying idler for your system. This belt has the ability to internally induce self tracking on troughed systems. The bridging effect of these breaker panels creates a rigid section and adds weight to the middle of the belt. These design features give the belt its self tracking properties by driving the belt down into the trough, discouraging it from climbing the idlers. This unique belt and it’s self tracking properties is great especially for reversible systems.


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Need a Belt Quote?

Need a Belt Quote?