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Location: Zacatecas, Mexico
Material: Gold & Silver
Features: Convey at angles up to 90 degrees, minimize space requirements, lower spillage, longer resistance to separation and delamination due to hot bonding
Specifications: 840m x 54” ST6300 9mm x 9mm MSHA-2G Fire Resistant
Industry: Mining
Conveyor: High Angle belt, 90 Degrees

The Fresnillo Mine, located in Zacatecas, Mexico, is owned by Fresnillo PLC. The Fresnillo Mine is one of the world’s oldest continuously operated mines and has been producing silver for more than five centuries. In 2016, this underground mine produced 21.95 million ounces of silver and is considered the world’s largest primary silver producing mine.

The Fresnillo Mine has the highest operating tension belt on a high angle conveyor in the world. In 2021, Fresnillo approached Endurance Belting in search of a high tension and fire-resistant sidewall belting solution for their 90-degree high angle belt. Fresnillo chose to work with Endurance Belting due to our production capabilities, advanced technology, on-site support, and competitive pricing. Our team worked diligently with Fresnillo to supply them with an 840-metre sidewall conveyor belt with an MSHA 2G fire resistant cover and a steel cord base which met their specific belting needs.

The ENDURAWALL belting is ideal for high angle material application and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of this highly technical industry segment. Our quality manufacturing hot bonding process allows us to hot vulcanize both the cleats and sidewalls to the base belt, extending belt life in almost every application.