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Location: Northwest Territories, Canada
Material: Kimberlite (Diamonds)
Features: Cold Climate, Superior Cut/Gouge (D5), Low Modulus, Superior Abrasion (D6)
Specifications: 3,200 ft x 42” 600 PIW 3-Ply (EP1050/3) 9+2 D5-Grade 250 ft x 72” 1000 PIW 5-Ply (NN2000/5) 10+3 D6-Grade
Industry: Mining
Conveyor: Belt Feeders

The Gahcho Kué Diamond Mine project is a joint venture between Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. and De Beers Canada Inc. The mine is the world’s largest new diamond mine under development, with a probable mineral reserve of 55.5 million carats. It is expected to produce an average of 4.5 million carats per year over its 12-year operating life.

In 2014, the mine purchased 5,600 ft of ENDURALON, ENDURAPLY, and ENDURAPLY LM belting across 12 belt conveyors and 3 belt feeders with a total conveying length of 2,300 ft.

Due to the climate conditions at the mine, the belting was required to operate in temperatures down to -50°C. Other belt manufacturers may charge more for specialized “cold-resistant” belting for such projects, but ENDURANCE’s all-purpose belting products ENDURALON and ENDURAPLY, are reliable even in sub-arctic weather. Compounds down to -60°C are available.

ENDURAPLY is designed for the heaviest mining applications. A polyester-nylon Crowfoot weave belt with high strength double cord weft ensures unequaled impact, puncture and rip protection in textile belting. The heaviest warp and weft strength in the industry assures low stretch and trouble-free reliability, and specially compounded high quality rubber skims provide superior shock absorption and high adhesive strength.

The ENDURAPLY LM belting supplied offers all the benefits of ENDURAPLY with a low modulus (LM) carcass. This provides increased elasticity for conveyors with short transitions from trough to pulley face, tight convex vertical curves and crowned tail pulleys on short centered conveyors.


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