CANADIAN MALARTIC – Yamana / Aginco Eagle

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Location: Quebec, Canada
Material: Gold Ore
Features: Excellent Abrasion Resistance, Excellent Cut/Gouge Resistance
Specifications: 8,200 ft x 54" ST1600 12+6 D3-Grade
1,600 ft x 72" 1000 PIW 5-Ply (EP1750/5) 12+6 D3-Grade
Industry: Mining
Conveyor: Overland, Ramp

Canadian Malartic is Canada’s largest operating gold mine. The 55,000 metric tons per day openpit mine and plant produced a record 571,618 ounces of gold and 601,000 ounces silver in 2015, and has 3.86 million ounces of gold in proven and probable reserves. In 2009, the mine purchased 8,200 ft of ENDURASTEEL ST1600 belting and 2,800 ft of ENDURAPLY EP1750/5 belting. In 2011 an additional 2,300 ft was installed.

ENDURASTEEL is designed to permit long conveyor centres with stretch of only 0.2%, and excellent flexibility around pulleys even at the highest tensions. ENDURASTEEL belts adhere to the strict German DIN standards for design and manufacturing. Alternative cord diameters and pitch are available to meet special project requirements.

ENDURAPLY is designed for the heaviest mining applications. A polyester-nylon Crowfoot weave belt with high strength double cord weft ensures unequaled impact, puncture and rip protection in textile belting. The heaviest warp and weft strength in the industry assures low stretch and trouble-free reliability, and specially compounded high quality rubber skims provide superior shock absorption and high adhesive strength.


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