MUSSELWHITE – Newmont Gold

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Location: Ontario, Canada
Material: Gold Ore
Features: Fire Retardant, Anti-Static, Abrasion Resistant
Specifications: Endurasteel-Plus ST3150 15 x 8 mm JMA, Enduraflame-Plus 1000 PIW 15 x 6 mm JMA
Industry: Mining
Conveyor: Ramp

The Musselwhite gold mine in northwestern Ontario is one of the largest gold mines in both Canada and in the world. The mine is owned by Newmont, the largest gold mining company in the world. The Musselwhite property is 17,548 hectares (43,362 acres) and since its first commercial production in April 1997, the mine has produced more than 4 million ounces of gold.

In 2019, Musselwhite purchased 21,744 ft (6,627 m) of ENDURASTEEL PLUS belting and 5,981 ft (1,823 m) of ENDURAFLAME belting. Endurance Belting was selected for this project due to our successful track record of supplying the mining industry with high-quality fireresistant products.

The ENDURASTEEL PLUS belting supplied offers all the benefits of ENDURASTEEL with an elastic steel cord breaker embedded into the top cover. These transverse breakers provide additional lateral strength as well as absorb impact tensions and provide maximum puncture, rip and rip propagation protection.

ENDURAFLAME PLUS is a specially designed polyester-nylon crowfoot weave belt with high strength double cord weft that provides unequaled impact, puncture, and rip protection in plied up belting. This belt also has an Elastic Steelcord breaker in the top cover for increased rip protection.